Birthday Partys



Birthday Party’s are $195 for a total of 2 hours. 1 hour on the field and 2 hours in the party room (one of the party room hours overlaps the hour on the field)


Additional field time may be purchased for an additional $125 per hour, and would come with an additional hour in the party room Aswell (Depending on field availability at the time of the party)


You may bring your own decorations to set up the party room however you’d like.


You may also bring your own food, and we do have a partnership with Rosa Rosa Pizza for discounted Pizza if you would like to take advantage of that.


We can provide Soccer Balls, Lacross Balls, and Field Hockey Balls for field play.


You may invite as many people as you want, but keep in mind only 30 chairs fit around our tables for the kids to sit down and eat.



Call 717-285-7474 or Email for availability!